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By the grace and blessings of Almighty Allah, MADRASA-E-DARUT-TAUHEED was initially setup at Gurupanpalya in the year 1980.Thereafter, in year 1982, a piece of land was bought for making this institution, a permanent place of Islamic education. The infrastructure consisted two rooms along with a lavoratory(wash room). This benefitted many students to gain knowledge on ILM-E-DEEN and ULOOM-E-NUBAWWAT.Later on, there was an addition to the infrastructure with two buildings, and one being used for office and the other for DARUL-IQAMAH, MAKHTAB- a lecture hall and a library.

Madrasa E Darut Tauheed Trust [Regd]

The mosque “Masjid-E-Abbas Ahmed Habeeb” is situated in the heart of this huge land. By the mercy of Allah, this institution is an evident centre for various COURSES like hifz, nazirah and Aalimiyath.May Allah accept this establishment and its goals. MAY Allah grant this institution its true success. May Allah reward all of those, who gave their aid to make this establishment available to all. AMEEN

A permanent place was purchased for the Madrasa, which has a total of three buildings. There is a place of mosque which has an area of 60 by 150 sq. ft.. Expansion is still going on. Please pray to Allah Almighty to complete this work as soon as possible. The second building has a school library and office. The building has two floors, five rooms at the bottom and five rooms at the top. The third building consists of a kitchen, dining hall, and student accommodation.


Hafiz Mohamed Noorulla


Syed Idris Sahab


Nasir Sahab


Syed Nishat Ahmed Sahab


Trust Members

Mufti Abdur Rahman Sahab

Syed Maqsood Ahmed Sahab

Javeed Pasha Sahab

Shafiulla Khan Sahab

Mohammed Mansoor Sahab

Abdul Hameed Sahab

Shabeer Ahmed Sahab

Mohammed Ajaz Sahab

Shabuddin Sahab

Syed Masood Ahmed Sahab

Maqsood Ahmed Sahab

Noor ur Rehman Sahab